Breathwork for Performance

Ranya introduced her signature Breathwork for Performance method in 1996. Breathwork for Performance draws on energizing and calming uses of the breath from spiritual and theatrical traditions, and applies them to an in-the-moment way of acting, dancing, singing, moving…and being. Ranya devised her method to relax herself before and during her Middle Eastern dance performances, and expanded its uses to train actors, singers, dancers of all kinds, and other artists. The beneficial effects include increased onstage comfort and a reduction of “stage fright,” better communication with fellow performers and with an audience, increased charisma or “stage presence,” and greater openness and spontaneity as a performer. Ranya conducts workshops in New York City and internationally for all types of artists as well as for other groups seeking to build community and communication.

For more information on the method and on scheduling a workshop or private coaching session, contact Ranya at 718-706-0037 or send e-mail to


Ranya’s breathwork both in her classes and workshops has taken my dancing to a whole new level. Performances since taking her breathing workshops have enabled me to relax and really feel the music as well as relate to audiences, from small intimate gigs to large staged events. I highly recommend her to all my students as well as to my professional dancer friends. No one else is teaching this, and I feel Ranya’s technique is essential to anyone who wants to feel more at home in their own body and at home in a performance.
– Mimi Fontana, dancer, director of Manhattan Tribal bellydance company, New York City

Ranya is an extraordinarily gifted instructor and performer. I have found her breathwork techniques to be very effective in learning how to bridge the gap between the audience and the performer, as well as in learning how to create connections with others when dancing in a group. Ranya guest-facilitated one of the PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment) rehearsals and many of the dancers were blown away with what she had to share.
– Kaeshi Chai, dancer, director of Bellyqueen dance company and PURE, New York City

I have had a really exciting and fulfilling year in my music career, and I definitely attribute much of that to the work I did with you, Ranya. I feel like I’m at a totally different level today than I was this time last year. My confidence is so much stronger and grounded. I really feel like I’ve carved out my own space and I deserve to be where I am. It’s such a great, liberating feeling.
– Sarah Aroeste, singer and band frontwoman, New York City