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Baladi From the Ground Up - video training module

The new and improved Baladi from the Ground Up online course will be available soon on the new website! send an email to office@ranya.net to join the waiting list. --Ranya

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Baladi from the Ground Up 

This new video module is a detailed mini “crash course” in baladi technique, an optional useful supplement to the Salon Series course training. About two hours in total length, it includes some of the course material I’ve developed in the past eight years since the filming of my Baladi DVD—new ways I’ve started to approach the technique since then, and new slogans, visualizations, and descriptions I use in teaching it. I’ve taught some of this material in live workshops during my travels but had not put it on video before now. It’s helpful if you’ve gone over the posture and technique sections of the original Baladi DVD, but not required—this new module is also a great intro to the Baladi Salon Series and to technique points that may come up in the Baladi Coaching Series, and will provide a good checklist of technique points your process in baladi geek-out!  Live Q&A for registrants of this module too.   For this module (with bonus downloadable PDF checklist as reference), à la carte: $29    

Note from Ranya:
I'm revising the PDF checklist for Baladi from the Ground Up-- you can get started with the videos first (access will be provided to you after you sign up--within 24 hours), and then I'll let everyone know when they can download the new PDF... to use for review! Also will update you about the next Q&A session.

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