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Baladi DVD - with Ranya Renee- autographed by Ranya

Baladi DVD - with Ranya Renee- autographed by Ranya


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Contact support@gingercity.com with any questions :-) - Ranya

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Ranya will be happy to autograph (sign) this DVD cover for you - please send email to support@gingercity.com with instructions (like if you'd like it dedicated to your name or dance name, or to a dancer friend's name, or if you want your copy without autograph).

Everything you wanted to know about the taqsim baladi progression! Featuring musical breakdown with live Arab musicians, including the wonderful Egyptian accordionist Nabawy, who grew up on Mohammed Ali Street in Cairo. Includes terminology, musicianship for dancers, plus foundational Egyptian dance technique, improvisation training drills (using a cool recording loop system!), and three different costumed performances by Ranya.


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