Anasma and Ranya “geek out” about theatrical approaches to bellydance in an audio interview with Nadira at The Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse. (May 2013)

Ranya describes her history in dance, inspirations, and goals in a interview with Hayal Studio of Berlin. Read in English or in Deutsch! (April 2013)

Listen to Ranya, Anasma and Raqsie talk about the 2011 Theatrical Bellydance Conference and share their favorite theatrical bellydance music. On WFMU Radio’s Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg. (We come in at 1hr 2min into the show). (June 2011)

Ranya is featured in the March 2011 issue of Nafoura Magazine: Review of Planet Egypt (London) January 2011 showcase by Anne White.

Larger versions of the press features below:
Village Voice Feature
New York Times Feature (photo – Rahav Segev /
Polish News Feature

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