After the wonderfully rewarding Baladi Coaching Series of 2017, I’m excited to announce the new session for January-February 2018! New and returning coaching series members can experience the transformative power of baladi coaching, set your dance goals, and get a deep and fun start to the new year. SCROLL DOWN to learn more about the series.

Dec. 28, 2017, update: JUST A FEW SPACES REMAINING FOR THE JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018 SERIES! PLANNING WITH THE GROUP BEGINS THE FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY, BUT IT IS OK TO JOIN BY JANUARY 15. The earlier the better, as you’ll be there for the goals-setting and planning in early January. 😀  This series will not be offered again for several months, so don’t miss this chance!

This is a great vehicle to work on your energy as a dancer, since it includes moving from introspective to more extroverted feelings, and everything in between.



  • Are you ready for some coaching? You can be a first-time coachee or someone who has received coaching in the past.
  • Do you genuinely want to receive honest, supportive feedback on your efforts?
    You should be ready for growth. You will be encouraged to reach beyond your comfort zone, and I will back you up all the way, with the goal of helping you attain a new feeling of confidence in your work.
  • Do you want to discover your own “next steps” as a performer in this style, to advance to your own next level in your development as a dancer and artist, no matter where you are starting from?
  • Do you have a cell phone, computer, or other video recording device for uploading your videos? You can work live during some of the sessions, but I find that people benefit even more when they can work with me from a “third-person” perspective, to be able to be an observer for yourself not in the same moment you are dancing it. Even tech-challenged dancers have been able to learn how to use their equipment to further their dance in this series!

 From previous participants:

“Would just like to say how much I enjoyed working with Ranya on her initial coaching class. I am not a tech person but learned a lot about taping my routine.. submitting it to her for critique….video conference..etc. Don’t let any fears on the tech side stop you from signing up… If I can manage it anyone can! The one-on-one part of the coaching was excellent as was working in the group…The first time I met everyone online was a little nervewracking as I didn’t know what to expect, but as the course went on these sessions became a favorite part of the experience. I have no problems in highly recommending this course and feel my dancing improved alot in a short time.”  – Jim, Saskatchewan

“Baladi Coaching Series was an amazing tool to improve my Baladi technique! I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to receive direct feedback from Ranya Renee about my Baladi: what I’m doing, what to keep, and what to practice/improve. It was wonderful to share with other dancers around the world during the live sessions and be able to receive feedback from them as well. I definitely saw improvement in my dance after every session! Thanks very much!”   – Katiuska Alvarado, Australia

“It was such a wonderful experience taking Ranya’s online Baladi coaching. She is an excellent teacher with her pool of knowledge and patience….What I enjoyed was the fun dance learning communication across the globe and the stack of pointers that she gave to each students. Definitely a teacher putting her whole heart into the baladi!” – Evelyn Wong, Singapore

“In my opinion, my dance has catapulted to a whole new level since the first Baladi Coaching session. I’ve felt the difference in my performances over the summer and also felt it contributed to very positive outcomes in my first solo competitions. People (including judges) have shared great feedback and those who know me more personally have commented that they almost didn’t recognize my dancing. One actually said, “Did magic fall into your head or something?” 🙂 Now, I’ve also worked hard mentally during this time and listen to several audio books that were complimentary to improving mindset BUT my decision to do Ranya’s program WAS the catalyst for my new approach to dance, physically and mentally. She is extremely in-tune and insightful so she challenges you to step out of your comfort zone in a way that isn’t too much. It’s a little scary but you can see she believes in you and wants you to be your best you so your feel safe in your attempts. The group setting also offers you great insights. You get to observe others challenging themselves and can observe how it all can apply to you in some way. I don’t think I would’ve gotten as much from private sessions as I did from the group set-up. Highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to level up their dance! – Raena of Dallas-Ft. Worth (Ricki Lascody)

“If anyone out there is looking to deepen your understanding of raks baladi and taqsim baladi in particular, I highly recommend online coaching with Ranya Renée. Her two DVDs Bellydance Egyptian Style: The Baladi and Bellydance Taqasim: Improvisation Skills and Drills are excellent introductions but taking it a step further to live, online coaching will help you connect with the joyous, spontaneous, earthy, roots of the more stylized and elegant dance that we see on stage and know as raqs sharqi. I really appreciated how positive Ranya’s critique was for myself and everyone else. Not once did I feel threatened or judged. She created a very safe and supportive atmosphere and I appreciate that she shared some of her own personal struggles and process. I also liked working an a small group for the conference sessions. At first I was intimidated to be critiqued in front of others, but as we got going I found it was helpful to see everyone else being critiqued too. Often the concepts and skills they were working on were applicable to me personally, and I was able to listen to and evaluate all the critique in a more objective way than when it was just my own feedback, if that makes sense. I LOVED seeing other’s personalities and musicality come through their dance. It was inspiring and made me that much more excited about my own creative process and interpretation.”  – Bobbie, Victoria, BC



(Need to spread out your payments? No problem! Payment plan option is available too.) 


I’ve been coaching and training bellydancers in performance skills since 1996 and began to develop my Breathwork for Performance method that same year. Over that period of time, in working with dancers of all levels, I have incorporated into my approach directorial and acting techniques from my theater background; coaching techniques from my experiences in artist coaching circles as a participant and facilitator; Taoist and Ayurvedic principles, breathwork and meditation; knowledge of kinesthetic anatomy from multiple trainings and certifications in anatomy for dancers and in exercise science; Arab and Egyptian cultural perspectives when working with traditional dance interpretation; and aspects of cognitive psychology relevant to performers, from my master’s level research in psychology. I do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching. I attend closely to details of a performance that indicate some underlying issues that can be worked on.

My goal as a coach is to bring my coachees to develop a stronger sense of the connection between what is going on inside their mind during a performance and how that reads to an audience on the outside.

Over my years of coaching, I’ve worked with thousands of amateur and professional performers of all kinds. I’m observant to the patterns I’ve observed over many people, to recognize what certain signals can indicate, and how to gently dig deeper so that the performer is comfortable with the process. I also take a fresh approach to each performer, to see what they bring that might be different from similar traits I’ve observed in others or in that person on another occasion. From this, I’m able to note details that perhaps other coaches might miss, and I always gauge the receptivity of performers when I present these details to them, to have a sense of how best to offer my observations in a way that will help them and empower them in their own journey. This is a highly tailored approach, designed to produce comfort with what feel at times like a scary or difficult process, of digging deeper, to really find the gold in one’s own stage persona and technical capability.


I started acting in childhood. I experienced coaching from a great range of acting teachers and directors. Some were friendly and supportive and others were less sensitive. I used to have a hard time myself receiving critical feedback, until I started viewing it as a tool to help me, rather than as some thing personal. Because of that, I’m quite conscious when dealing with resistance to feedback, and I try to give you reflective information in a way that empowers you.

For me, the best coaches I had in acting and in dance were those that saw what my next step should be, before I could see it myself, and presented it to me, especially with some great visualization or tool to try. That is the kind of coach that I strive to be for my coachees. Someone who helps you see something you previously could not see, or allows you to really own something that you’d like to evolve, without judgment, and to start you confidently on that path of working on it.


It’s important to me that you feel taken care of in the coaching process: I approach my coachees with respect for where they are now and for the journey they are on. I also don’t consider any single performance moment to be something that identifies you definitively, or as any failure (or success!) as something to be “taken personally”: That is, a performance is just one moment in time, and it doesn’t necessarily reflect positively or negatively on the actual owner of that performance. Might it affect your image? Sure. Which is why we work on those things. But I don’t judge you at all by it, and neither should you judge yourself on it. A goal of my approach as a coach is to reduce attachment (and therefore pressure) on the results of any one performance, to make it more about the process of development and less about “nailing it” on any particular day. Nevertheless, I’m in the business of helping you to feel in control of your performances and to be able to even rescue your performances from mishaps to put you even more on top. What I give you are simple, effective tools that you can apply immediately, in the moment, during your practice and in performance, to address confidence or disconnection issues as they come up. These tools, linked to performance concepts include physical practices, breathwork, character work, slogan-training, and visualizations, for direct application in your dance. I especially try to provide tools that combine physical and engergetic/intentional work, so that you can “kill two birds with one stone” in integrating your physical performance with your emotional world. Armed with a personalized toolkit of the best tools for you, you can take to the stage feeling like you can handle whatever comes your way, and that you can save your performance when something goes off—because it will! And: that doesn’t have to be a problem. Rather, it’s an opportunity to build an even more powerful onstage persona, when you take charge of your performance.

My coaching methods are not only for those interested in public performance: I work with energy both for performance and for self-healing and connection. Some people dance for self-development, exercise, emotional release…  whatever your application, this style of coaching is likely to offer you something beneficial. I have coached many dancers who didn’t have a performance goal but were looking to unlock or unblock certain parts of themselves, or to keep energy flowing, or just to develop in the dance as a dedicated hobby. I can help address your needs and goals through this process.


Which one is right for you?
I strongly recommend dancers go for the group option if they can arrange that, because then they can learn from others’ feedback too. I find people often make faster progress that way. In a group setting, I can point out things for you personally but also things that you AND your co-coachees can work on. You may find you have similar challenges to others in the group and can often really see it easier on them, the effect of trying new techniques. When you see someone else go through the problem-solving steps, it gives you the focus and confidence to try it too.  In my experience people make very fast progress this way, and as they are “all in it together,” there is an element of support from the group as well as from me.

If you feel you’d prefer to work more privately, I do offer a solo coaching package. Some people have scheduling challenges or really don’t feel comfortable in a group setting. Others may have very targeted needs and want to just address those, without experiencing others coaching processes. Some teachers prefer not to get coaching in front of potential students (although I am definitely sensitive to that when coaching fellow teachers even in group settings). And if you are my private coaching client, I absolutely keep that fact private unless you make it otherwise. Wherever you are at in your process, I can work with you.








Set goals for your development across the series, in technique, musicality, and performance skills

Dance your own taqasim baladi progression OR baladi song of approximately 2-4 minutes (I will help select a good one: you can also work on more than one piece of music over the series).

Get helpful feedback from me and other coachees on your performances

Learn from the experiences of other coachees and my feedback to them, in a supportive, transformative process.



Normally, when someone orders a solo coaching package from me, they get feedback from me, which includes my time taking notes on their videos, as well as in-person or video/Skype coaching. That does not usually include additional video/audio training modules or coordination/support with other group members (and the opportunity to learn from them), but in this series you will get it all! You’ll appreciate the real-time coaching within the feedback videos too.   🙂

For the bonus training modules, you can use them for the audio as well as video, so you can listen to the recording in transit, or while cooking, dining, or exercising… and you may notice that having that extra auditory input helps better integrate the focused content from our work together in the series, so you can absorb it and apply it.




Check out the Ranya Renee Baladi Video Study Group on Facebook for video demos of baladi coaching (including one of my own video!)… if you are not a member of the group, go ahead and join so we can approve you for access!   More questions?  Contact me via Facebook Messenger (Ranya Renee) or at (please note that your reply may come from a different email).

I’m really excited to work with you and the other dancers in the upcoming series! The baladi is so satisfying in itself, but it’s going to be even more satisfying working with all you dedicated baladi nerds on it. 😀

SIGN UP NOW to get in on the fun, and I’ll see you online!!

My coaching series are designed to accommodate dancers from all over the world, with a mix of live meetings (at times that work with your schedule), and recorded video training and coaching feedback. All these components together serve to connect you to a tight community of support from fellow participants and me, and to bring you the tailored personal feedback you need to advance your dance and gain confidence in presenting it.

NEW FOR 2018! 15-part assessment to determine what areas you most want to work on, with follow-up assessment at series end

Written and video goal-setting exercise to prepare you to get the most out of the coaching series, to set targeted goals for yourself and prepare yourself mentally to meet them

Intro meet-and-greet meeting(s) (live session that will be recorded) with time selected based on time zones of participants; we will do two meetings if necessary, and even if you can’t attend live, you can catch the recording after.

– (OPTIONAL: additional private coaching assessment meeting with Ranya  separate from the group meeting, at a discounted rate for series members only – select this option at Checkout. This meeting includes the opportunity to get video and live feedback along with demonstrations from Ranya to help you target your technique challenges and start making adjustments before the series even begins)

Dedicated private (secret) Facebook group OR forum page on my site (this is in the works!) to connect with fellow participants, ask me questions, share successes, and gain accountability in your process with social support. I’ll be in the group just about every day, answering your questions and replying to your posts.

NEW FOR 2018! BRAND NEW LOGIN-ACCESS SITE FOR EASIER VIEWING ON ALL DEVICES! 3 Baladi coaching video lesson modules that you can watch and digest on your own time: Breathwork & Baladi; Receiving Coaching: A Primer; and Supportive Group Coaching Techniques. These modules are designed as an intro to my coaching methods and will give you some tools you can put to use right away in your dance.

Downloadable printable PDF references on the structure of Taqasim Baladi progression (the styles that I go through on my Baladi DVD), plus bullet-point references for each of the new video training modules

6 personal sessions with you as the focus (3 recorded + 3 live, or you can make additional recordings to use for the live sessions), along with unlimited watching of others’ sessions. Live and recorded coaching feedback will generally be on alternate weeks, but this can be flexible: if you know in advance that you’ll be unavailable/away during a particular week, we can arrange your sessions accordingly. These six sessions will be available to you during the time frame of the course, with the option of scheduling one make-up session if you need it.

Of these six sessions, 3 will be video feedback critique & coaching videos on your own dance, within the series time frame: You send me your video link, I watch it multiple times and provide tailored, targeted, and detailed feedback for you on technique, musicality, cultural considerations, and performance skills/presence. You will receive this personal feedback from me in the form of a video sent to you by email link, yours to download, keep and use as a reference forever.

The remaining 3 feedback sessions will be live video conferencing, with in-the-moment coaching from me, witnessed by other coaching group members in a safe, supportive, and private online meeting. The conferencing service I use enables all participants to see each other, so it approximates the in-person audience experience (and it’s REALLY cool!) These sessions will also be recorded and available for participants only to watch via private links. It’s a great way to get even more out of your learning, because you’ll notice things on the replay that you didn’t even realize at the time of the actual live conference.
NEW FOR 2018: You will have the option to send me video to play during the live session, instead of dancing live. Some participants prefer this if they have inconsistent video connection or internet, or if they feel shy about dancing live, to be sure they are at their best to receive accurate feedback.

Video access to all the live group coaching meeting sessions, of your own work and those of your peers in the course, for you to use as reference—all sessions will be filmed and uploaded on private pages

Follow-up assessment by you and me at end of the course of what you achieved, what your next steps should be, and how to keep building on your progress made in the coaching series.


If you are not super-technical, don’t worry! We can help you get set up. In fact, some previous series participants have learned how to use a webcam and how to do video uploading through preparing for this coaching series! So I know it is possible to bring you quickly into the digital age, if you are not already there. The conferencing service also has its own online tutorials, and you can even test your equipment with them before starting the series to be sure you are set up and ready to go for the live meetings (it’s pretty easy!).

A webcam (either on your computer or your phone’s camera) is needed for live video feedback, but even if you don’t have this set up, or if you prefer to have us look at your video in the live session instead of dancing live, you can still participate by submitting video in advance for me to give feedback on during the live session. It’s ideal to be on the call via video so we can see you, but if you need to audio-call in on a particular day, you can do that: My conferencing service offers the option to call in and has country-specific phone numbers if you need them.

You’d be surprised what you can accomplish in just a short time frame!

I have found, in my almost fifteen years of running targeted coaching series, that the 6-8 weeks period is quite practical: short and focused enough to create a strong drive in participants to challenge themselves, and yet long enough to see real progress—it amazes me every time how people just step up to their next level. And what is especially cool is that all the methods I developed in my years of in-person group coaching series actually do translate to the online world! So now dancers from all over can be part of this process.




Q: When are the live meetings and how long are they?

A: These will be scheduled and set after people start to sign up, so that there are at least 3 meetings per time slot over the course of the series, and they will run between about 1 and 2 hours per session, depending on number of participants per meeting who have their dedicated time during that meeting. Basically, we arrange the meetings at times that are convenient for small groups of members, even if people are on the other side of the world from me! Other coaching series participants can also join as observers to witness the work and take notes. The goal for each session is to have a minimum of two participants, but ideal is 4-5 participants dancing each meeting, so you can see more people live. Most of the big learning happens when you are watching each other, actually! So this has become a key element in my coaching method, and past participants have agreed that this makes the learning process even more effective than private coaching.

Previous online Coaching Series time slots, for example, that have worked well were (all Eastern Time – New York; look at to convert to your time zone) these slots… but we can definitely add different times to accommodate members. This has been easier than it sounds!!! Because it’s not a huge group, it’s been relatively easy to find a handful of times that fit everyone in the series. And remember you will have the option for a makeup too, if you are missing any dates.

Friday 10:00am-12:30pm EST (New York)

Saturday 2:30-4:30pm EST

Sunday 5:30-7:30pm EST

Sunday 8:00-10:30pm EST

Wednesday 9:30-11:30pm EST

NOTE: These are example times only! We’ll finalize exact times together after you register, but at least some of these times will be options. I can add additional or alternative times to those listed here. For example, if we have dancers from Europe, we can have a New York-morning or afternoon (Europe afternoon or evening) time that would accommodate them. In one group this past series, we had members from across the USA, Australia and Singapore… in another group, we had folks from Western Canada all the way to Sweden. Cool! The best possible scenario is to get as many people into as few groups as possible, so you can see more people at once (you’ll see why that is ideal in the meetings), but we’ll work this out when we meet everyone in the Facebook group. Even two participants plus me can witness each other’s work, but we’ll try for more in each time period. All dancing participants will get about the same time allotment each, which is why some meetings may be longer than others. And then all meetings will be recorded so you can catch them later if you have to miss one.


Q: I can’t make every live meeting in my preferred time slot. Can I still join the series?

A: Yes indeed! I recommend that people be there for at least two of three meetings so you get to know the work of the others and they get to know your work. You can do a makeup slot in another live meeting group for any dates you’ll have to miss, and I’ll offer one makeup session in early October for anyone who still needs to make up a meeting, based on those folks’ schedules.




Sign up by end of December to get some late December guidance towards setting coaching goals, on our secret Facebook group!

Early January Meet-and-greet in the Facebook group; Ranya presents on baladi format and reviews it with everyone in FB live and answering questions on the group page; personal goals setting by participants; access to Ranya’s video training modules will open this week; and setting up preferred days/times for meetings to accommodate all group members; meet and greet sessions (one or two meetings to accommodate everyone in the series). For these first meetings, there will be group breathwork exercises and music-work-throughs; FB Live meeting will go over music choices, geared towards helping you finalize music to use in your first video that you’ll submit for my feedback.

Mid January Beginning of live group sessions with dancers getting their solo slots; submission of your first solo dance videos to me (you’ll upload your videos to either YouTube or Vimeo and give me the link—can be password-protected if you wish; don’t worry: I’ll give instructions for what method to use if you want the most privacy when you put your video online, if that is something you are concerned about).

Mid-late January into late February Alternating weeks of live meetings and video submissions for my feedback. Live meetings will be completed by February 21. Wrap-up of feedback videos, and concluding feedback on your progress and accomplishments! I’ll give each participant a personal assessment on your last video or by email of what you’ve accomplished and what your next steps can be to keep building on what you’ve learned.

For dancers who are traveling or have another schedule conflict, you are entitled to a makeup coaching session as late as March 5, if you are not able to squeeze it into the regular schedule.

Throughout the series, I’ll be posting video recordings of the live sessions so that you can keep reviewing what you have accomplished and where your challenges are, to reinforce the mental and physical practices we are exploring, and to continually refocus on what you need to work on. These will still be available after the series ends, so you can see the journey you’ve made and keep revisiting those points.




After registering, we’ll add you to the secret Facebook group where you can meet the other participants and start discussing your goals for our time together! We’ll arrange participants into preferred time groups for the live meetings (it has not been a problem to incorporate everyone at times convenient for them, no matter the time zone you are in!). And we’ll also go over tech requirements and answer questions to make sure everyone is all set up before we start the live coaching sessions. 

Before the end of the year, you’ll be given access to the online videos and welcome materials, which are being added to a brand-new, easier-access login page, with the PDFs there too. Then you can start prepping and getting excited about the series!!! You’re going to love it.


note: you’ll be taken to my new dedicated secure shopping cart page – no longer on the old shop page 🙂

note: you’ll be taken to my new dedicated secure shopping cart page – no longer on the old shop page 🙂