On Performance

Miss Ranya is undoubtedly one of the finest artists of our time…she is constantly seeking creative ways to reinvent herself. Jemela Omar


Many DVDs will teach you combinations, moves, and tricks, but very few will teach you to be a DANCER. Ranya gives viewers the tools they need to create their personal style and convey their own genuine feeling of the music. The sheer breadth of the material on her DVDs is astounding, and the videos are structured in such a way that they’re easy to follow. Ranya is an engaging instructor, who clearly breaks down concepts. I highly recommend Ranya’s DVDs for anyone who wants to further their understanding of Egyptian dance and music. Erin, Wisconsin

I just recently received her new Taqasim DVD and have found it to be extremely detailed, full of examples and a piece that will take a long time to work through. I love the way she discusses each instrument, the type of movements that are appropriate to the sound it makes and how to listen for important cues in the music. I had to pull out her Baladi DVD to see the movements in detail so I could follow along in the Taqasim drills. I know that this is going to help me be a much better dancer and will be using these for a very long time.Sandi, Alaska

Another masterpiece from Ranya…”Bellydance Taqasim” is a great tool for really learning about, exploring, and expressing this emotional and expressive part of Arabic music, and how to interpret it as a dancer. Brava, Ranya!Ryann, New York City

I can’t believe the thorough treatment of the topic and tremendous volume of content: instruction, musicality, drills, and dancing, she’s included it all! I’ve never bought another bellydancing DVD to equal it. Inspiring and uniquely instructive, Ranya’s [Baladi] DVD has changed the way I dance. Esmerelda, Oregon

The Baladi DVD I knew already (seen it with a friend) and decided to get a copy of my own. I really enjoy the large amount of information that is given, the visuals that are used (sometimes I really just couldn´t stop laughing with all these props …zipper, bra…etc.) and the background details. Shemza, Netherlands

I don’t even know how to thank you. You’ve made my wife the happiest woman in the world. She’s more than happy, she’s charmed. She finds your DVDs the most complete she’s ever had. Even if she doesn’t speak English, she understands everything you explain. You became her favourite bellydancer. She finds you very sympathetic. Said, Spain

I bought the Modern Egyptian DVD and I am very happy with it! The choreography is amazing and I love to perform it. You are a great instructor and although English is not my native language, it was easy to understand. Now I am unpatiently waiting for the “Classical Egyptian” DVD…. Salma, Germany

Ranya is one of those rare Oriental dancers whose expertise and technique has been constantly evolving. I enjoyed tremendously her Baladi teaching DVDs and I am totally impressed by her wide knowledge of Egyptian music and dance. Cristina, New York City

I am amazed and appreciative at the depth of analysis Ranya gives each of the movements, and the understanding of the beledi music. Just what I was looking for. Sue, Sydney, Australia

This DVD [the Baladi] should be made an essential requirement for every Middle Eastern dance student. It is a rare gem brimming with an amazing amount of knowledge. Ranya is a beautiful, eloquent and very personable teacher; as well of course, as being an phenomenal dancer. Her teaching methods are astounding – very engaging, precise and thorough. I cannot recommend this DVD enough; there is so much packed into it. Learning from its content is a multi faceted experience – including musicality, technique, history, improvisational skills and soooooo much more. The Baladi has so much to offer any Middle Eastern dancer at every level, and I thank Ranya Renee for offering her gift of so much knowledge to the global dance community in this format.
Modern Oriental: Another sensational DVD; I cannot emphasize enough how fantastic Ranya Renee is; both artistically, and as a very gifted teacher. Both DVDs will enhance and elevate you in your dance journey in so many ways.
Jenn Bateman, Sandown, United Kingdom

I just received your “Modern Oriental” dvd today, and watched/danced through most of it. I am so, so impressed. I have not worked with many dvds, but the purchase of your dvd was the best choice and I am anxious to continue working with it.

Your section on posture and alignment was amazing. I was prepared to just nod along as usual, since I am a bit of an anatomy nut and have a lot of posture/physiology knowledge, much carried over from my ballet training. Instead, I actually learned from you and felt a difference in the movements. You deepened my understanding of the physical basis for movements in Oriental dance.

Thank you for your professionalism and hard work that went into this dvd. So much content! It has been particularly encouraging to have such quality instruction available by dvd, since I’ve temporarily moved to a location isolated from dance masters.
Teophania, Missoula, Montana

On Teaching

Ranya Renee is one of those people who was born to teach. She teaches from the heart and the head, bringing her deep experiences as an actress, director, musician, and human being into her classes and coaching. Ranya made me a dancer. She builds professionals. Leela Corman, Egyptian-style bellydance performer and teacher, New York City

Ranya’s focus on technique and posture, and exercises and metaphors that help illustrate and strengthen these, are useful for beginners as well as more advanced students. Her knowledge of Egyptian music (maqams, rhythm, history, appropriate steps and emotional aspects of the music) and dance culture add a really interesting dimension to her classes. Plus she’s really fun and shows us that you can be a bit cheeky with the dance!!! SL, New York City

I don’t know if I got to express how much I loved your workshop. The breath work and your teaching style really resonated with me and I am trying to include conscious breathing as an element in my dance. Brenda B., Phoenix, Arizona

On Customer Service

When i had questions about my order, Ranya’s office and Raqsie were incredibly helpful and accommodating. We know the products are great, her dancing and teaching are amazing, I just wanted to add one more plus for their team ^_^Farha, Syracuse, New York

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