About Nany of Egypt

Nany in her own words

I’m Nany. I started dancing at the age of 15 and a half in Alexandria (Egypt) and then in Cairo (Egypt).

A year after I began working in Cairo, I was performing in famous hotels in Egypt: Sheraton Heliopolis, Semiramis Intercontinental, Ramses Hilton, Nile Hilton, Le Meridien Cairo, and Mena House. I became very, very, very famous. During this time, I rubbed shoulders with other major dancers like Fifi Abdou, Lucy, Dina, Mona El Said, and Sohair Zaki. I also appeared in the movies Hamss El Gawari (with Mervat Amin and Youssef Shaaban) and Wadaan Lel Ozoobeya (with Walid Tawfii and Ranya Farid Shawi).

I worked as a dancer for 11 years. Then I wanted to settle down and have a family. I got married, I stopped dancing, I had three children, and I have been working in the restaurant trade as a manager of my own restaurant.

When I went to the U.S. in 2012, I met Ranya, who convinced me to return to the world of dance and teach. When I started dancing again, I realized that dance is a passion, something that I could never forget.

Nany dans ses propres mots

Moi c’est Nany. J’ai commencé a danser à l’âge de 15ans et demi à Alexandrie (Égypte) puis ensuite au Caire (Égypte).

Un ans après avoir travaillé au Caire, on me proposait du travail dans de grand beaux hôtels réputés en Égypte. Je devenais très très très connue. C’est aussi l’époque à d’autres grandes danseuses.

J’ai fais ce métier de danseuse pendant 11ans. J’ai ensuite eu envié d’une vie de famille ; je me suis mariée, j’ai arrêté de danser, j’ai eu 3 enfants et j’ai travaillé dans le commerce de la restauration en tant que gérante de mon propre restaurant.

En 2012 je suis allée m’installer 1an aux États Unis, j’ai rencontré Ranya qui m’a convaincu de réintégrer l’univers de la danse et de donner des cours. Quand j’ai recommencé à danser j’ai compris que la danse est une passion, quelque chose que ne pourrais jamais oublier.


In this Youtube clip, Nany performs in the 1992 Egyptian film Hams al Jawari.

You can also visit Nany’s Youtube channel to see videos of her performing at weddings in Egypt, as well as her 2013 NYC debut.




No matter what your level — her dancing will blow your mind. I’ve seen many Egyptian dancers live including Dina, Randa, Lucy, Fifi (on a workshop stage) and I have to admit that Nany is the one that most moved and impressed me. She is a true sharqi artist — and is on another level beyond teaching steps and choreographies to foreigners. – Nicole

Nany dances with such ease, grace and precision, it was a pleasure to study and observe. – Patrice

Nany is not only an amazing dancer but a wonderful person and a generous teacher. She gave direct feedback to all dancers….the whole experience was just one of a kind…..I felt like I was with my best friend talking about dance, shimmies, Oum Koulsoum, sharing the thrill and excitement of performing….. – Yowalka

I saw her many years ago in Egypt and she became one of my all-time favorite dancers! I was so sad when she quit dancing. I’m so happy to hear she is teaching. She is a treasure! … The last time I saw her in Egypt was in the early 90s. I went to her show with Raqia Hassan and friends. Beata and Horacio Cifuentes were there too, and we were all just going nuts over her show. It was a very memorable night, but sadly the last time I got to see her perform.
– Zahra Zuhair of Los Angeles

Stay tuned for more workshops with Nany and Ranya in New York City and beyond!