Ahlan w’sahlan!  – Welcome!

On this site you can find more information about Ranya Renée’s artistic work and biographical information.
For Ranya’s online dance & movement teaching and performance coaching work, please visit the new online membership site, GingerCity.com!

The Ranya.net Shop is still up and running until we migrate it over to GingerCity.com; if you want to purchase CDs, DVDs, or other accessories to be shipped to you, or in-person or online private lesson packages, go to the SHOP ; to sign up for most online and in-person workshops or classes, we are now using a new cart setup – please write to us at support (at) gingercity.com and we can direct you to the registration pages for the class or series you want to take.

If you are on the Ranya.net email list, and want to receive the new Ginger City updates (if you are a dance student or dance teacher), please join the new Ginger City list at the new Ginger City site. For less frequent updates through the Ranya.net email list, you can stay on the Ranya.net list for now!

What you’ll find at the Ginger City: 

Coaching Lab and seasonal coaching series

Breathwork for Performance

Egyptian Baladi programming

Theatrical performance skills training

Monthly membership including classes and training archive (coming late fall 2018)

Programs with guest artists (coming late fall 2018)

Egypt trip programming (coming late fall 2018 for early 2019 trip)

I’m so excited to be connecting with dancers all over the world through the new Ginger City programs, and more is coming! 
Hope to see you there 😀 
– Ranya