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"The Best Dance Caftan Ever!"

"The Best Dance Caftan Ever!"

The caftans are here! Convenient front-snap-closure coverup similar to the one pictured.

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From Ranya:   For years, most of my career, I wore over-the-head caftans as cover-ups over my costumes and I *FINALLY* treated myself to a wonderful new front-opening caftan when I was in the UAE in January. Let me tell you: this caftan changed my life. Here's what I like about it:

1) The snaps/front flap overlap so that none of the costume peeks out in the middle between snaps (a problem for most front-snapping caftans) -- the overlap fully hides the outfit underneath.

2) I can just rip the caftan off quickly (in one pull!) when I have to go out onstage.

3) It's elegant with subtle decoration, but still black, so it's easy to hide in the wings offstage when in a theater while waiting to go on (think: stagehands always wear black), then just rip off the caftan last minute. :-)

4) It doesn't wrinkle, so it's great for packing/traveling (and can double as a robe).

5) I'm petite, and I didn't need to hem it/shorten it!!!!! I have never seen a caftan at a bellydance event that I wouldn't have had to hem, so this was like a dream come true for me.

6) Hand wash = no problem, and dries quickly.

7) Well, I just love it, people.

When I brought these back from UAE last time, I sold out what I had brought with me in, like, five minutes. So pre-order yours in a size you like, to make sure you get one!


When ordering, please give us your size info:

1) Your height in feet/inches (or in cm if you go "metric")

2) Measure from top of shoulder to floor (inches or cm)

3) Bra size

4) Email photo of yourself in costume to office@ranya.net to give us extra visual information

We now have in stock (subject to size availability):
Black with black lace trim; 
Black with black ribbon and shiny black beads; 
Black with black ribbon and sparkles; and 
Black with white/silver pattern trim (this one is the only one that is not black-on-black).
They all look really nice--you can't go wrong with any of them!!  Please let us know your first, second and third choices for trim when ordering. 

This may seem like a lot of info to provide, but we want to give you the best fit that we can...and we are not really fashion experts! But we love caftans and love to share the caftan happiness!

These caftans are sized by length in inches, and the best fit is usually a little longer than you'd wear in a street dress, as you'll be wearing it over a bulky costume, most likely, and might like to have full coverage all the way down.  
Available lengths we have now range from 52" to 62" (for cm, multiply x 2.54).  (For a roomier caftan, order a longer length and shorten as needed; some of these will fit larger plus-sized customers, but it depends on your size; we will try to make plus-size orders in the future--let us know at office@ranya.net if you are interested or have questions about the fit--we can try to test it out on a local NYC dancer to check size for you.) Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss.

NOTE: We also have a very limited number of totally all-black caftans; these were specially made, have an extra snap but do not have trim, and do not have matching sash/head scarves; they are of a very slightly thicker fabric, and so are priced $10 more than the other style. The arms on those tend to run a little narrower, so we would not recommend them for most plus-size customers. If you'd like one of these, indicate this in your message to us, and you can send the additional $10 by Paypal to office@ranya.net to cover the difference between the regular caftan and the all-black one.



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