Tokyo: International Bellydance Competition

Along with Anasma and Mayady, Ranya will be a guest judge at the 2012 Tokyo International Bellydance Competition, sponsored by Deseos. In addition to the competition itself, the event will include a series of workshops as well as a performance showcasing the competition winners, judges, and others.

Saturday, August 18

The TIBC 2012 “Starry Nights” showcase will feature performances by Ranya Renee, Anasma, Mayady, Farasha, Nicole (with group), EG’ZILE, Kazumi, Joe of Deseos (with ATS troupe), Tabla Kwaiesa, and 1st place winners of TIBC 2012.

Doors open at 18:00 (6pm), show starts at 18:30 (6:30pm).
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Sunday, August 19

11:30-14:30 (11:30am-2:30pm): Workshop A (Ranya) – Classical Oriental/Golden Age Technique & Styling (all levels), 10,000 yen

11:30-14:30 (11:30am-2:30pm): Workshop C (Anasma) – Bellydance Liquid Fusion Techniques and Combinations (all levels), 10,000 yen

18:00-21:00 (6pm-9pm): Workshop B (Ranya) – Modern Egyptian Oriental Choreography (all levels), 10,000 yen

18:00-21:00 (6pm-9pm): Workshop D (Anasma) – Bellydance Liquid Fusion “Big Bang Drum Solo” (all levels), 10,000 yen

Monday, August 20

18:30-20:30 (6:30pm-8:30pm): Workshop E – Oriental & Fusion (special joint Theatrical Bellydance Workshop taught by Ranya and Anasma), all levels, 8,000 yen


Workshops A, B, C, D = 10,000 yen each
Workshop E = 8,000 yen
Multiple workshops = 10% off total amount

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