Teleconference on the Baladi DVD

With the purchase of all of her instructional DVDs, Ranya offers a free teleconference. A teleconference is an hour-long conversation with Ranya and other dancers about the content of one of her instructional DVDs, and can also extend into topics such as styling, cultural origins, costuming, or any burning questions you have about Egyptian bellydance.

Baladi DVD: Saturday, May 21

Eastern(NYC time): 11am-12pm
Central: 10am
Rocky Mtn: 9am
Pacific: 8am

Europe and Middle East
UK: 4pm
Western Europe: 5pm
Central and Eastern Europe, Greece, Egypt, Israel: 6pm

Asia/Pacific (Sunday, May 22)
East China and Hong Kong, Western Australia: 12am
Japan, Korea: 1am

To determine the time in your area you can use the time zone converter here.

***Registration deadline: Friday, May 20 10am NYC time***

(We’re also holding a telecon on the Modern Oriental DVD on Monday, May 23 in the evening. Click here for details.)

If you purchased the DVD from Ranya and have not participated in a telecon on that DVD before, your participation is free. If you have already participated in a free telecon, or you bought the DVD from another retailer, the fee is $10 per 1 hour conference. (We sometimes run a little over an hour- no extra charge ;). We’ll do a conference on the Taqasim later this year- We just want to give people more time to practice.

What should you expect?

To give you an idea, we posted some clips from a teleconference featuring the accordionist Nabawy on our site here. Please note that the upcoming conferences this month do not include a musician– just Ranya, other dancers, and you! But we do plan to do more musician telecons soon.

How to sign up for a teleconference

If you purchased the DVD from Ranya (from the shop or from her in person)

1. Email Raqsie at with your name, and the DVD that you would like to sign up for a conference for.

2. Raqsie will verify your purchase record and send you a coupon for 100% off the cost of the telecon.

3. Register by completing a purchase in the shop by using your 100% off coupon:

4. Raqsie will send you a phone number and a PIN code to enter to participate in the call. (The invite may come through

If you purchased the DVD from another retailer (WDNY, Amazon), or you just want to see what it’s about

1. Purchase access in the shop

2. Raqsie will send you a phone number and a PIN code to enter to participate in the call. (The invite may come through

It is a standard number with a US area code, so if you normally pay for long distance, your charges will apply. You can also purchase a cheap international calling card at a vendor such as OneSuite or download Skype, a free program that allows you to make inexpensive international or domestic calls (you just need headphones and a microphone; or a headset for Skype).

You can expect each conference to run an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

We’re looking forward to speaking with you soon! If you have any questions, or if you cannot make these dates but would be interested in future conferences, please write to Raqsie at with a note about your availability.

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